About Tim Wrate Photography

Welcome to Tim Wrate Photography, an online collection of panoramic images by Tim Wrate. Tim Wrate is an Australian landscape photographer with an affinity for exploring and capturing the wild and rugged Great Southern Land with a special emphasis on remarkable light. Tim has an insatiable drive to capture, in the deepest sense, the beauty, the honesty and the unique character of the Australian landscape. Please feel free to look through our collection and immerse yourself in the world of Tim Wrate Photography.

Artist's Statement

My aim is simple: to create enchanting, colour-laden photographs that transfix the viewer and evoke the same emotions, experience, thoughts and sensations that I felt when the image was captured.... those of awe and wonderment. Mother nature after all has an imagination far greater than that of any human.

Photography is just my way to capture, interpret and share it. In a modern world, so much is done superficially and so many million images are seen. I just want to capture that one image that speaks to you.... and stays with you.

Tim's Photographic Story

As a child Tim would spend countless hours hypnotised by images of the natural work in the Encylopedia or National Geographic, often spending an entire day meticulously drawing, transposing and tracing these images. His photography is merely an adult incarnation of a childhood obsession.

Tim first discovered a penchant for landscape and documentary photography on an expedition to climb Mount Kenya, Africa’s second tallest mountain as a teenager in 2001. However, this new found love was let buried under a mountain of university and post-graduate studies until he finally purchased a DSLR in September 2008.

Tim was swiftly and comprehensively seduced by the ability that photography allowed him to express his vision of the natural world and he was left enchanted by the colour-palette of the natural world. Tim soon submersed himself in all things photographic in his spare time. It was during this time that he discovered a dedicated group of medium format panoramic photographers with their comparatively cumbersome film cameras, understanding of light and technical virtuosity created elegant colour-laden tableaux of nature. Tim was hooked.

Tim purchased his Fuji GX617 in late 2010 and has since dedicated himself to a continual learning process to master the idiosyncrasies of shooting on slide film. From the first time he saw one of his transparencies on a light table glowing with great luminosity, he has been constantly striving to capture better images. Tim aims to capture spectacular light and mood within his images that provoke emotion and represent the integrity of the landscape.

Tim has more recently joined the megapixel war by adding the incredible Sony A7R to his camera bag. The Sony A7R packs a whopping 36.4 megapixels and a remarkable 14.1 stops of dynamic range into a relatively small body. Paired with razor sharp Zeiss glass, Tim is now prepared to tackle any scenario and has the ability to continue shooting under conditions when the limitations of film would have seen the Fuji packed away. You can now expect a growing diversity to Tim's work, including images captured long into the night when other sane photographers would be in the comfort of bed.