Why Landscape Photography?

I have always been enthralled by the intrinsic paradox of the natural world; it’s ability to remain timeless in the face of relentless change. Very few mediums give us the ability to explore this premise like photography. The literal meaning of the word photography is ‘writing with light’, amalgamating the ancient greek words of “writing” (graphy) and “light” (photo). Photography is therefore all about interpreting, pursuing and capturing light.

Why do I love photography? It’s simple. It makes me slow down, appreciate what is around us, and try to capture beautiful places under phenomenal light. There are very few words that can convey the feeling of standing alone on an isolated beach or perched upon a mountain top waiting the light morph the landscape from silver to gold. That’s exactly where photography takes me. It’s the ideal escapism.

For me landscape photography is merely not just capturing a scene but painting a canvas with light. This was one of my primary motivations for moving from digital to film. To embrace the raw essence of photography, that is to slow down and appreciate the ability of film to render the available light onto the canvas of film. Using slow film such as Veliva 50 gives the photographer the ability to combine small apertures and slow shutter speeds to give a real ethereal quality to the image. Using film truly is painting with light. Mother Nature, after all, has an imagination far greater than that of any human. Photography is just a way to appreciate it.