Lake Wanaka

Image Code: LAKE002

Lake Wanaka was close to the top of my New Zealand ‘hit-list’ for my trip in September 2011. There is little wonder why as snow capped mountains fringe the stunning lake and a lone tree sitting out in the take allows for a unique and interesting composition.

Having arrived at Lake Wanaka late in the afternoon of my first day in NZ, I found that the water level of the lake was too low to get the image that I wanted as the foreground was nothing less than scattered rocks covered in a fine mud. Not to be peturbed, I figured that with a little rain and a little more luck I’d find the lone tree surrounded by water.

Having watched the weather move in over the South Island while I was on the North Island enjoying the Rugby Word Cup, I figured that I may have a chance the following week. Again, with a close eye on the weather I decided that a clear still day would best to light up the mountains in the background and provide a nice calm reflection.

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