Lake Mokoan

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The story of this image is one of well-managed luck. I had been shooting up in the Victoria high country for three days and the famed Craig’s Hut (the Cattlemen’s hut used in the film ‘The Man from Snowy River’) was next on the itinerary. I had driven the three hours from Bright to Mansfield, booked a hotel and commenced the drive up to Craig’s Hut only to be stopped by a closed road 15km from the hut itself. After initially considering walking into the hut, I decided to head back down to Mansfield and reassess. This was the second time I had made it all the way to Mount Stirling only to be stopped in my tracks within cooee (here’s hoping to third time lucky!).

Thankfully, every cloud as a silver lining. When driving down the Hume Highway from Bright to Mansfield, I noticed the dead trees of the Lake Mokoan wetlands. This was to be my ‘plan b’. Not knowing how deep the water was and not fancying having a run-in with a tiger snake, I decided to stop by the camping and fishing store in Mansfield and picked up a pair of fisherman’s waders. I set out at 4 the following morning to make the 80km drive to Lake Mokoan.

The result? Well, it was one of the most resplendent, stunning sunrises I’ve ever seen. Here I was standing thigh deep in water surrounded by circling eagles, a flock of swans and a heap of other water birds. It was certainly something I’ll remember for a very long time!

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